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The Essence of Home Hydrotherapy as per Dr.Sebastian Kneipp, “The Father of Hydrotherapy”
"The use of water and herbs can cure almost any disease." - Dr. Sebastian Kneipp

For centuries Hydrotherapy has been practiced throughout the world in countless forms and techniques from the East to the West, people throughout history practiced soaking in a natural hotsprings or in a tub of water with herbs at home or bathing in rivers as a lifestyle to cleanse and to relax, and to recuperate from a hard day’s work. Overtime, the demands of modern society has robbed us of the luxury and the concept of soaking in water.

Globalization and technology has caused the level of stress to increase. As stress directly affects our nervous system and is a root cause of numerous ailments, there is an emphasis on the need to relax in order to maintain good health. As a result, SPAs have sprung up all over the world to meet this need. Spa is a natural way to fine-tune the body and to alleviate the root cause of various ailments, long term and consistent usage are necessary to fully experience the benefits of Spa. However, because of the cost and time needed for Spa, it is considered a luxury than a necessity.

The Home Hydrotherapy brings the luxury of a SPA combined with three other types of therapies such as Ozone Therapy, Far Infra and Ultrasonic Therapy. It's required to treat 17 different lifestyle diseases (Shinguko Japanese Research ) to lead a “DRUG Free, Pain Free Healthy Life style”

Our Products

SG-2000 Home SPA

Our SG-2000 is a hydrotherapy home spa system that helps you to ease mental stress, bathes away physical fatigue, relaxes tense muscles and boosts energy levels

Comfort 600 Foot Spa

According to the theory of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), our body has 360 acupuncture points. Out of these, 60 are located on our feet!

MOYA Bath Oil

Moya Essential Bath Oils provide the perfect compliment for your hydrotherapy spa system. The 100% natural essential bath oils are made in Germany.

MOYA Bath Salts

Moya Essential Bath Oils provide the perfect compliment for your hydrotherapy spa system. The 100% natural essential bath oils are made in Germany.


Few pleasures in life can match an exceptional spa experience. Home Spa brings a world of relaxation and indulgence to your home.

Internal Warming

Increase metabolic rate by means of internal warming, thus promoting the normal secretion of hormones, strengthen the function of reproductive organs .

Whole Body Massage

Great news for massage fans! Now you can massage anytime, anyday, without stepping outta the house, and without troubling anybody


Too much science on the machine and the ozone and infra-red and stuff for me to write. If you really want to know I can lend you the reading material for how the spa works


Take your pick, as the best exercise to control high blood pressure seems to be virtually any exercise, like walking or cycling or light weight training, especially if your workouts are spread throughout the day.

Beauty and Slimming

Obesity is the modern day plague which is making its presence felt all over the world. Over the past few years, obesity is becoming a growing concern.

Deep Cleansing

The deep cleansing facial is well suited for people with acne, or those prone to excessive oil on their face. The European facial focuses more on exfoliation