About Us

Home Spa International India Pvt Ltd (HSII) is helmed by a team of professionals from the information technology and healthcare industries who came together after experiencing long term health challenges in their families. They set out to find proven and tested health promoting solutions widely used in international complementary and alternative medicine sectors that delivered measurable health outcomes in the convenience of the home for the entire family.

This quest lead them to the world re-known Dr.Sebastian Kneipp Institute of Hydrotherapy in Germany. This institute built in the memory of Dr.Sebastian Kneipp who in the 1800’s developed and spear headed medical therapies using water is one of the first German government funded research and development centre focused on promoting and developing solutions that delivers significant clinical and medical outcomes using hydrotherapy.

Today anyone can safely use hydrotherapy to improve their health and vitality, and speed healing from injuries and illnesses, de-stress, detoxify, enjoy anti-aging benefits and a therapeutic massage all in one system in the comfort of their home.

The combination of proven German health promoting therapies and the world re-known precision engineering capabilities of the Taiwanese gave the world the SG-2000 home hydrotherapy system. The superior technology and the capabilities offered by SG-2000 makes it the premium choice for hydrotherapy systems in the prestigious Dr.Sebastian Kneipp Institute of Hydrotherapy. Many versions of this product has been in the global market for more than a decade.

SG-2000 is the flagship product of the Grand Sun Group of Taiwan. SG-2000 uses water, heat and air combined with highly effective essential oils and mineral salts from Germany to deliver high quality healthcare benefits. SG-2000 have been tested and certified as a medical device meeting high standards established by many countries including the CE certification awarded by the European Union.

HSII is the sole distribution partner of Grand Sun Group, the global manufacturer of SG-2000 and a global brand for almost two decades in the SPA industry. HSII started its operations in Chennai in late 2014. HSII is also the exclusive wholesaler of several other Grand Sun Group’s products such as the Grand Sun Foot Tub, Grand Water, health supplements, skin care and household wellness products all focused to ensuring wellness for the entire family.

Given the high acceptance of HSII’s products in Chennai and Bangalore, a major expansion plan to launch its brand in all metros and large cities in India by mid-2016 was announced in August 2015. This will involve the appointment of Franchisees to create at least 50 new hydrotherapy wellness centres in large and midsize formats.

The second phase of the expansion plan envisages the opening of at least 200 hydrotherapy centres in mid size and smaller cities across India by end 2018.

Our Mission

To provide easy to use, proven, complementary health promoting therapies that deliver high quality of health by combining and productising health promoting wellness solutions from across the globe.


The premier pan India complementary health and wellness solutions provider.

Our Corporate Values
  1. Continuous Focus on Creating a Culture of Control over Health :We play an active role in fostering and encouraging individuals to exercise control over their health. Onsite and classroom based programs that is focused on giving the community more information and thereby enabling control over their health have been spearheaded by HHI. With the right knowledge and better understanding of one’s body, its needs and the environment, healing and preventing poor health need not be a difficult task.
  2. Commitment to Delivering Financial, Medical and Social Outcomes:We believe the long term success and growth of our employees, partners, customers and associates depend on our constant focus on delivering financial, medical and social outcomes to all participants of our eco-system.
  3. Excellence in Customer service: We take pride in exceeding customer expectations by focusing on their engagement experience with us, in delivering high levels of service quality and high quality of health outcomes.
  4. Collective Success Collaboration: We enable the success of our franchisees, associates and sales agents through a participatory workplace environment that promotes team spirit, celebrates team accomplishments and collective success.
  5. Celebrating Excellence: Focus on excellence has helped us expand beyond our imagination, our business boundaries and into the community due to the high value placed on new ideas, diversity and deep commitment to research.
  6. Celebrate Learning: We foster a culture of continuous learning to ensure leadership development and to provide opportunities for growth. We encourage domain knowledge depth and focus on outcomes.
  7. Integrity: This is integral to building trusted partnerships with our employees, customers, partners, associates and members of the community.
Who Are Our Customers

Our customers range from individuals who want alternative and proven therapies to meet their medical needs to healthcare institutions looking to offer measurable medical outcomes to their patients. Many of our customers seek us simply because other medical therapies have failed them. Many corporates want to offer their employees a relaxing and rejuvenating therapy after a hard day’s work that will at the same time act as a preventive medical therapy. Many physiotherapy centres use our hydrotherapy solutions to treat post trauma weakness and incapacity suffered due to accidents, stroke, degenerative or autoimmune diseases. Their patients have seen rapid results. Hospitals, wellness centres and post-operative step down care centres, physiotherapy centres and old age care centres are using our solutions globally.