According to the theory and practice of Chinese medicine, the soles of our feet contain over 60 acupuncture points among over 360 ones in human body.

The foot is where all actions of a human life begin. Walking, climbing, wading, running, leaping, and weighting bearing are all done by our feet.

They are also the gathering area where toxins accumulate and remain easily. According to the report from American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA), the powerful evidence of ensuring maintenance of health is to keep our feet healthy.Feet are the reflecting area related to human organs and that is why the soles of our feet are called the human`s second heart.

With numerous acupuncture points located at the soles of our feet, it is no wonder massaging the right spots on the soles of our feet can relieve us of even bodily aches and pains.


The Comfort 600 Foot Hydrotherapy delivers the following benefits:

  1. open wounds
  2. injuries
  3. elderly with movement difficulties
  4. immobility
  5. vocations that require long hours standing/wearing high heels
  6. back/shoulder aches and pains
  7. water retention
  8. anyone who enjoys foot massage!

Good blood circulation is key to good health. Blood circulation not only transports nutrients and oxygen around our body, it also carries out the important function of removing waste and toxins. However, the pressures and lifestyle of modern society provides us with little opportunity for exercise to achieve good blood circulation on a daily basis. As a result, society today is plagued by countless ailments from gradual long term health deterioration.

The SG-2000 Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Home Spa experience awakens your senses through a rejuvenating full body hydro-massage with up to 46 litres of high speed air bubbles at the comfort and convenience of your own home. Most importantly, it provides a daily stimulus to ensure an effective immune system, high metabolism and good blood circulation that are essential to prevent diseases.

15 minutes of soaking in the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Hydrotherapy Home Spa is equivalent to a 3-5km slow jog in energy exchange. You will find your heart rate increased due to the excellent blood circulatory effect, and experience an internal warming effect, which is key to good health.

Hydrotherapy Facts and Research

Performance Test on SG-2000 Hydrosonic Aroma Spa Equipment
Dr. Pulket Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati USA)

Deputy Director Environment Toxicology & Occupational Health Laboratory Centre, Faculty of Public Health, Secretary of Health Development Association (Thailand)

6-months Performance test conducted by Dr. Pulket for compliance to:
  1. ISO 9000
  2. ISO 17025
  3. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)
  4. NIOSH (National Institute Occupational Safety & Health, USA)
  5. FDA
The Effect of Cardiovascular System According to The Hot Water-Induced Stimulation on Foot:

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