SG-2000 Hydrotherapy brings together the powerful combination of Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy in your everyday bath routine. Frequently Asked Questions…

  • Q: How does the SG-2000 Hydrotherapy work?
    • SG-2000 Hydrotherapy comes with a special flexible mat lined with ceramic cells. The processing unit of the machine generates a maximum of 46 litres (per second) of ozone and anion-laden air that is thrust out of the mat via minute holes. This rush of air produces millions of very very small high-energy bubbles. Continuous collision generates ultrasound with a frequency of 80-100 kHz of high frequency energy which is converted into other forms of energy.
  • Q: Is bubble ultrasound different from ordinary ultrasound?
    • There are two ways to generate ultrasound: one is generated by “electricity”, like that used in dishwashers, glass washing machines, etc.. harmful to human being. The other way is by continuous collision of the bubbles .SG-2000 Hydrotherapy uses the latter way to create hydrosonic wave energy which has no harm to human being.
  • Q: invest SG-2000 Hydrotherapy as compared to Retail Spas?
    • A huge proportion of a commercial spa package cost is attributed to labor and rental costs. Instead of paying for such costs, why not choose to pay less for even better spa quality using SG-2000 Hydrotherapy? Furthermore, you can never be totally sure of the hygiene of commercial spas. People pay hundreds if not thousands for commercial ultrasonic therapy in beauty centres which target only certain parts of the body. In comparison,SG-2000 Hydrotherapy provides you a full body ultrasonic bath which you (and your family) can enjoy everyday. Using SG-2000 Hydrotherapy over a period of ten years will only amount to about US$150 a year, which is less than a dollar a day!

      Friends with serious health ailments like migraines, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, would have already spent substantial amounts on health treatments (some with serious side effects). Targeting symptoms (eg. by using pain killers) rather than the root causes of health problems (eg. poor blood circulation) is not a good long term solution. Whether for health or just simple relaxation, why spend hundreds outside when you can enjoy it 24/7 at the privacy of your own home? That is the very reason you are paying value for money!

  • Q: Why not go for a cheap hundred dollar bath mat?
    • A cheap bath mat does not contain our features of ultrasound, far infrayed rays and ozone, which distinguishes our homespa as a superior hydrotherapeutic medical equipment. And to be able to pump out 46 litres of air laden with ozone and anions – that is an industry benchmark for homespa devices. When we say our device “Brings Nature Home”, we’re serious about it!
  • Q: What is Aroma- Hydrotherapy?
    • Hydrotherapy is a form of treatment with water that invigorates the Body, Mind and Soul. Using carefully orchestrated ultrasonic waves that massage important acupuncture points of your body; you will feel refreshed after a hydrotherapy session. Combine with essential herb oil for your body to absorb via bath for maximum effect, and the aromatherapy using different essential oil can offer you a palette of health properties. SG-2000 Hydrotherapy utilizes both therapies simultaneously!
  • Q: What is SPA and Hydrotherapy?
    • Water is a source of life on earth. 65% of the human body is composed of water. Water is also an important medium via which nutrients are transported and waste products eliminated in the body. As such, hydrotherapy (spa) is recognized as an excellent complementary treatment by many established health institutions worldwide.

      The word “SPA” is an acronym for the Latin phrase “Solus Per Aqua”, meaning “Health Via Water”. It refers to the concept of immersing the body in water to maintain and restore health.

  • Q: What good can SG-2000 Hydrotherapy do your health-being ?
    • Based on the research conducted in Japan, 15 minutes in an ultrasonic massage baths SG-2000 Hydrotherapy ) can do your body 5 benefits:

      1) Internal warming;
      2) whole body massage;
      3) deep cleansing;
      4) exercise; leisure;
      5) whitening; slimming.

      1) Internal Warming As tested by J.P. Industry University, the absorption of ultrasonic is 13% in bone, 3.3% in muscle and 0.0022% in water. Our body is comprised of 66% water, therefore can be penetrated and warmed up rapidly. Just like boiling egg in a hot spring, the yolk cooks faster than the egg white. With 38*C ultrasonic bath, the heat of ultrasonic reach the bone in approx. 10 minutes and expand outwardly where else bathing in water temperature of 42*C will take 90 minutes to reach the bone. (Long hour in high temperature may be harmful). Immersion in ultrasonic bath quickly heats up the body from within, increasing metabolic rate like a bath in a natural hot spring. Can help blood vessel expansion, enhance blood circulation, hematopoiesis and resistance against diseases. This form of hydrotherapy promotes the normal secretion of hormones, strengthens the function of reproductive organs and improves the quality of family life.

      2) Whole Body Massage Hundred thousands of small energy bubbles press and stimulate the whole body every second massaging 320 acupoints across the body. Relieves tension and fatigue, relaxes and balances, massages the backbone and encourages the production of red blood cell, white blood cells, etc., just like to have “hydro acupuncture”. Internal organs are stimulated, blood and lymph circulation are facilitated and muscles are relaxed. Giving a full body massage, this treatment burns fat, eliminates flabby tissue, improves the bust line, shapes the body and fills the user with confidence.

      3) Deep Cleansing Powerful bubbles clean 1.5 million capillaries in the skin, bringing intense nourishment. Allows skin tissues to breathe better. Body generates 0.05 sq m of dirt every day SG-2000 Hydrotherapy takes about 5 min to loosen grease and 1 week of continuous use will complete the whole cleansing process.

      4) Exercise&Leisur

      SG-2000 Hydrotherapy produce 10,000~15,000 micro-tremors per second (1.5kg/cm2 on the skin), has the effect of a complete body workout. Experts believe that the effect of 15 minutes of ultrasonic bath is equivalent to 3 to 5 km run. Provides effective passive exercise. It doubles up as a spa for a lazy man’s exercise machine.

      Whitening and Slimming Removes dead skin cells and ozone kills germs and whitens skin. Every min. a million bubbles provide beauty treatment of slimming professional standard for every inch of your skin. After using for 15 min. 300-500 calories were burnt – an effortless way to have fairer complexion and slimmer body.

  • Q: What is Ozone and its properties?
    • Ozone is sometimes called “activated oxygen.” It contains three atoms of oxygen O3 rather than the two atoms we normally breath. Ozone is the second most powerful sterlilant in the world and its function is to destroy bacteria, viral and odors. Ozone occurs quite readily in nature most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. In fact that “fresh, clean, spring rain” smell that we notice after a storm results from nature’s creation of ozone.

  • Q: What are experts’ comments and discoveries?
    • Sebastian Kneipp, “Father of Hydrotherapy”, once said that with the correct combination of water and herbs, almost any illness could be treated.

      In 1966 Nobel laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that exposure to ozone and anions promoted cell activity and improve the body’s ability to process oxygen.. Bathing in ozone-filled warm water can expedite the elimination of dead skin cells, maintain smooth, soft skin and also improve the quality of bath water as well as the surrounding air quality…

      No wonder long ago pilgrims were able to travel over great distance despite being exposed to the elements and lacking proper nourishment. Their secret lay in taking frequent baths in natural hot springs. The warmth and massaging effect of the naturally occurring bubbles helped them recover from both physical and mental fatigue.

  • Q: Could you tell me the experimental results?
    • Experimental Result from using SG-2000 hydrotheraphy The Shizuoka Agricultural Society in Japan conducted experiments with their members who suffer from the illness listed below, 30 subjects were used for each illness. As the results are excellent, the society strongly recommends all members to use ultrasonic ozone bubble home spa to maintain good health.

  • Q: SG-2000 Hydrotherapy “How to” Instruction?
    • A comprehensive instruction manual will accompany SG-2000 Hydrotherapy set. The (FIR) mat is placed on the bathtub. There are numerous suction pads beneath to the mat to hold the mat tightly onto the bottom of the bathtub. A tube (hose) connects the motor to the mat. The only electrical device of the home spa set is the motor, which can be mounted on the wall, or simply placed a safe distance from the water. The motor is made to be water resistant, but as with all electrical devices, we will (wisely) avoid splashing water on it. To use SG-2000 Hydrotherapy  without unnecessary spoilage, do not jerk the mat from the bathtub when you want to clean it or dry it. Remove the (FIR) mat gently while it is still submerged in water. An ideal way of drying the mat, which is not stated in the manual, is to stick it onto the wall and turn on the home spa device for about 10-15 seconds. All the water will be blown out quickly.

  • Q: What to look out for when using SG-2000 Hydrotherapy?
    • We would recommend drinking some cool water if you are doing a hot spa (which most people do). More importantly, make sure that you are well ventilated if you are in an enclosed room.

      If it is the first time using SG-2000 Hydrotherapy, make sure you use lower power/speed and do not spa for more than fifteen minutes at one go. After the bubbles has settled, some people may feel faint if they stand up abruptly. (Similar to the effect of squatting for a long time and standing up suddenly). If you get faint easily, rest for a 1-2 minutes before leaving your bath tub slowly.

      Many people forget that a 15 minutes of using our device is as potent as a 3 to 5 km run. So 1-2 times a day is quite enough!